May 31, 2007

IT Internship

salaam everyone,

I finally got an internship, al7amduillah it was a dream come true..i will be working with this company called humanR. It’s a human resource company that provides organizational development services to support corporations and government agencies in managing the employee life cycle and developing strategic talent.

The IT internship is for one year in the IT department. Then inshallah if everything works out as I planned then I will be graduating. I will try to find a job and start making $$$ LOL.

Now I can do some IT work. I have to manage about 15 offices. Troubleshoot any PC problem. remotely access the servers which are located somewhere out there. Plus help my boss with some deadlines, and many tasks he has for me.

May 14, 2007

School and Stress

Finally, I finished my final exams; and want to parting like rock star HAHAHA. I have been busy with school for the past couple of weeks and finally it all paid back. I have noticed that I’m % 100 procrastinator. I don’t study for an exam or starts on a research paper till the last minute, and I actually think I study much better when I’m under pressure which many people find awkward. I had three different research paper, two of them are 20 pages and the third one was at least 12 pages single space (what a professor). I have been so concerned since the beginning of the semester because actually its a lot of pages, and its going to be really hard. Anyhow, I finished all three papers and got an A on two of them, and waiting anxiously for the third one.

I also had a couple of presentation. I think have a phobia from presentation and public speaking. When I have to present I simply freeze and panic and forget. But then I had no choice but to do, so I practice and tried to understand the concept rather than to memories it. The first one was in front of about 50 students, and it was hard to break the ice, but thought about it and said to myself, I’m talking in front on my colleagues, and I’m panicking like that and there will be a day that I have to stand before Allah and I will be asked about everything I have done in my life, and now I’m just freaking out in front of normal people. This change my entire thinking about presentations and speaking in public. So that made me stronger. I thought that the presentation didn’t go well but then my class mate said that I did a really good job. Afterward, I felt that this heavy load is off my back.

For the second presentation, I was nervous at first but it went smooth, and was over with no time. I had more confident, because the audiences were less than 20 students.